Friday, June 02, 2006

Reserved Justice - II

It was a hectic week, and on top of that my internet connection was down, so I couldnt blog as much as I hoped I would. So much was happening and I was unable to share it with my millions of eager readers! (Ok.. I exaggerated a little)

I was planning to cover the reservation imbroglio and the protests against the recent govt order extending 27% reservation to OBCs in great detail. But due to my unplanned blog absence I am left with a lot of catching up to do. Besides, the pitch of the protests seem to be dying down.

Already millions of square feet of print have been used for analyzing the issue; megabytes of info are already available on the net; and the forwards and chain mails gathering votes to be passed on to the President ( God help him, if they really do !) have all but stopped cluttering my inbox.

Defiant medico girl There is something different about the nature of protests this time. For once no political party called for them. For once no religious group ordered them. For once the organised protests were…well, unorganised. For millions of students across the country, it was a spontaneous eruption of rage, which found expression in the innumerable rallies and marches and strikes taken out by them. What is ironical is that the very segment of society for whom the reservation applies, is the most vocal opponents of it. Engineering students, medical students, IT professionals ( ie , some of the brightest minds in India ) think that the govts move is ill advised and disastrous for the future of the nation.

Now is it just me, or does anybody else think that the movie “Rang de Basanti” had anything to do with the new found activism among the youth? Remember the line: “ No country is perfect…we have to work to make it perfect”. Well I may never know the answer to that one, but the truth remains that the youth have flexed their muscles in the political arena. It remains to be seen whether the powers that be get the message. Already the young people are getting the message.. that they have strength.. they too have a voice… that they can and should make a difference… as RDB proclaims – A Generation Awakens ??


Karunakaran Prasad said...

Thats Karan Thapar's famous interview with Arjun Singh.

What has pleased me more about this whole issue, is the fact that Indian media has done an _amazing_ job of covering this issue.

Over here in the US, news organizations like the CNN are nothing but propaganda pushers for politicians.

There is not one-tenth the questioning and effort put in for integrity as our media, or by the people as we do back home.

Sandee said...

its not that simple man..

if u look closely, u ll find the coverage here was undoubtedly biased towards the anti- reservationists.

and recently i read an article in Hindu about a survey .. it was about the social distribution in media..
and the findings were striking.. more than 90% of all media persons are frm forward castes...
infact there is no SC ST among the top 300 !!! pretty disturbing....

Karunakaran Prasad said...

That just proves my point. The survey against anti-reservationist was done by the media too.

If such a thing happens here, its dubbed an anti-patriotic expose`.