Friday, September 09, 2011

E for Elephant

Below is a real conversation I had yesterday with a Qatar airways customer care agent in Sweden over the phone.

Agent : Could you tell me your booking reference number please ?
Me     : B.. B as in boy
Agent : B as in boy..
Me     : P.. P as in pen
Agent : P as in papa ?
Me     : S...
Agent :  Sorry ?
Me     : Sorry, S as in Sweden
Agent : Oh ! S as in Sweden
Me     : E as in ... ( thinking for a common word starting with E )
Me     : E as in Eye !
Realised that was a terrible example and started thinking again.
Agen (helpfully) : E as in India?
Me     : (what ?)

(Now, for those not familiar with Swedish, Swedes pronounce I as E.. ie IBM is read EBM.. true, look it up)

Me     : No, no, I know you read I as E, but thats not it.
Agent  : E as in elephant ?
Me    : Exactly ( thank you elephants)
Me    : T.. T as in three
(I know, my fault)
Agent : oh ok, three as in number 3 !
Me      : Facepalm !


Cyriac said...

lol. welcome back to your blog btw. Google reader caught this one.

Sandee said...

thanks macha!