Monday, September 19, 2005

Sixth Time (un)Lucky?

It has been months since my college life got over. I still havent got hold of my Transfer Certificate. I am not sure why we have so many kind of documents : a Transfer Certificate, a Migration Certificate, a Degree Certificate, a Marklist, a Course and Conduct Cerificate... enough to bind them and bring out a book.
But thats not my point. I went to college 5 times previously to have my TC. And five times i returned empty handed. The fifth attempt is worth recalling:
After four failed attempts, i was determined to return home with my TC that day. I arrived rather early, none of the people at the office had arrived (ofcourse technically speaking they were supposed to be there by that time). I waited till their usual arrival time, smug in the belief that the Principal was in his office. Just between us - i had made up my mind to ask the man himself for my TC in the very likely event that i fail to procure it using conventional methods.

Well eventually everyone arrived, except (no prizes for guessing this..) the ma'am responsible for giving away the TCs. Upon enquiring, i was told that she will arrive shortly afterwards (in the afternoon). I thought 'what the hell' and waited till 2 pm. Surprisingly, she did arrive.. and i accompanied her from the college entrance to the office. All this time something was shouting in my head (no it wasnt my sixth sense.. you will soon find out) that i am wasting my time.. go home!

I reached the office and was shown my TC, complete in all respects, except for a sign and a seal from my Principal. He had left at noon. (It was not my sixth sense.. it was my eyes.. his car was not in the parking area )

And thats how my fifth attempt ended. What about my sixth? I dont want to talk about it.

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