Thursday, July 20, 2006

Block This !

Did you hear that? I just broke the law! I am not supposed to blog. I am not even allowed to read my blog. Very funny. That is what Indian goverment says. And that is what my ISP says. Reason? National security. After the Mumbai bomb blasts, the Indian govt has decided to crack down on sites featuring anti natinal writeups or other inflammatory stuff. Apparently some bone heads had posted such stuff on some blog sites. The goverment wanted these pages to be blocked. So what did the ISPs do? They just blocked off the entire domain. So that means if my blog 'http:\\\' contained anti national stuff (just for the sake of an example) they will block 'http:\\\' Applying the above formula; if I was a terrorist, and they wanted to finish me off, they might as well nuke Chennai.

The truth is still out there. Apparantly the govt. ( Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT-IN )forwarded a list of websites to be blocked to all the major ISPs in India. Ofcourse it is a confidential list, in case you were curious. Everybody says that only certain domains were blocked, but from first hand experience I can write here that my ISP ( thats TATA INDICOM for all the world to read ) blocked all of, including my pitiful boredom blog. Either they dont have the technology or the common sense to block specific sub domains, I dont know.

So how do u complain? To the CERT's director ofcourse. And what does the gentle man say? "Somebody must have blocked some sites. What is your problem? "
[ Quoted from . You can read the full story here ]

I dont have much time. They might come any time for me. As I said, I am a criminal now. They are coming to take away my voice. I did something wrong. I spoke out.

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Karunakaran Prasad said...

They blocked the entire blogspot domain because of terrorist related/provocative blogs? Simply astounding... Whats to prevent mass email or using proxies?

PS: Let me know if you'll need bail money.