Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Study In Orkut - I

orkut - my home page
This post was inevitable.
I, like 24,603,356 others connected to me through my 109 friends have fallen. It is fun, it is extremely addictive and sometimes frustrating. Its a whole new world, to make new friends, to find long lost ones. I am still trying to understand what makes it so popular, especially in India Why do people behave in a certain way in orkut? What drives them to try all the available proxies, and then some, to connect to the site from office. Is it just to satisfy an urge to socialise? To get more friends than your room mate? To tell the whole world that you are an "elegant and whole-hearted person" [sic] ?
This sounds like fun...

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Karunakaran Prasad said...

In my case, its decidedly because I can feel safe, comfortable and cozy within the mob!

Also so that I can be lulled into a false sense of security by being surrounded by equally insecure people.