Sunday, May 27, 2007

Now Thats What I Call a Productive Weekend !

On more weekend is over. I had planned, as I do every friday, to do something useful and productive with my weekend. Studying was out of question; I had this vague and weak urging in my mind to clean up my room and cupboard but then thought better of it. But then you dont get that much time to waste anyway if you wake up at noon during weekends. Ok so back to my topic - I just managed to watch five movies during the weekend. I dont know ( and I dont think ) that its a record, but it was a first for me. If anyone cares, these are the ones which I sat through:

It seems improbable but I actually liked all of them. 12 Angry Men especially; it is an old movie, in monochrome, yet so beautifully taken. The whole movie happens inside a single room, but yet it a riveting story well told. Must watch for any movie buff. Notorious is from Hitchcock, I dont think I should add more. Infact I wish I could give a short synospsis about each movie, but true to the title of my blog, I wont. I would rather have the nice folks at RT do it.

Thats it then, if anybody manged to watch 6 or more movies in a weekend, do let me know. And if anyone want to suggest any more gems like '12 Angry Men', please do.

Till next weekend when I would be sailing to the World's End..

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