Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sivaji - The Boss - Yeah Right !!

Sivaji - The Boss
I admit it - I dont get it. Whats so great about the actor or his movies. Don't get me wrong here, but I accept the fact that people have different tastes, but paying up 2000 bucks for the first day show ? I dont spend that much a year for movies ! Either I am completely dumb, or they are. ( some 100 million of them.)

All along, I was resisting the temptation to write about this movie, but I was watching a malayalam channel today, and guess what they were showing.. an audience survey about the movie by asking the people who came out of the theatre during the interval!! I think the mob mentality is stronger than I thought. Is it just me or are these guys blowing this up just because everyone else is doing it?

I have to admit the scale of the thing is huge. Huge, by Indian standards ie. It reportedly cost 60 crores to make. Thats just around 15m $. But it does beat its counterparts from Hollywood on one thing - the % of the cost that went to the lead actor - Rajni is richer by a whopping 30 crores for doing this movie. Now , can you accuse him of doing all those mad gimmicks on screen? Boy, if someone came over and gave me 30 crores, I would be doing a lot worse. Cutting a bullet in two? Piece of cake. Transforming a mud road into highway by walking on it? Ofcourse. Dancing around with Shreya wearing rainbow costumes and a blonde wig ? You must be kidding me.

Just for the record , this is not a review of the movie. I havent watched it (and I wont if I can do anything about it) . But this mass hysteria gets on my nerves. Come on guys its just a movie!!

As if all this was not bad enough for me, I came across this: Sivaji Review in Rediff . The review was a decent one, but take a look at the comments!! Uncomfortable it may seem, but we Indians are still an idiotic quarrelling bunch. It doesnt take us anything more than a stupid movie to start fighting with each other, and hurl abuses at one another. Most annoying part is, the battle line is an imaginary line drawn somewhere across the middle of India, dividing it into South and North India. According to them, whole of south inidia is populated by a bunch of dark people who worship Rajni as God and whole of north is Laloo/Amitabh kingdom. I got sick half way through..

I guess by this time I must have made my position clear on where I stand with regard to this movie. I couldnt help but make an interesting comparison between this Sivaji and that recent Amitabh movie - Nishabd. NIshabd dealt with the romance between an old man and a very young girl, while Sivaji deals with the romace between an old man (who is trying to look young) and a young girl. Geddit?


Well atleast I have hope that some die hard Rajni fan will read this post and comment on it. If this wont get me a comment, then what will?


Cyriac said...

Rajnikanth is a fucking idiot... and anyone who is inspired by him is a fucking moron with serious issues with their self-esteem.

There I said it.

belle said...

hi there! i goggled boring till die and i came by your blog... well,life is seriously boring.. and your introduction is quite interesting

Karunakaran Prasad said...

I dont have a problem with Rajni either. Can YOU try getting out of the way of a good 7.5 million$ coming your way for being absolutely ridiculous? Not me, I'd dive in, without pants on.

As far as his followers are concerned, my lab-experiments on destroy the whole lot of them is still in research. Wont be hard - give them a Rajni-branded polio and they'll take care of it. Must feel nice and safe in numbers.

Here's what its all about:

Sandee said...

i guess i have already covered my target audience with this post.. that means i have to write the next one.. sigh...

Karunakaran Prasad said...

yay! i suggest poetry. something ur good at!

Gypsy said...

:) went to watch Sivaji for the irritainment factor.. and i wasn't disappointed. happily joined in all the whistling- popcorn flinging- dappankutthu... screamed in wild ecstacy when The Boss came back from the dead.. but still managed to be utterly grossed out by the depths to which creative endeavours can sink.

hypocritical? possibly. but Rajni can be great fun when ur watching him in a theatre full of hysterical fans.

Karunakaran Prasad said...

while (fork())

Sandee said...

you know KK, i sometimes think ur comments are a better read than my posts !! :)